Supporters of the Golden Dawn protested against the construction of a mosque in Athens

Greece Golden DawnThe contractor on the construction of a mosque in the Greek capital was elected last month, 13 years after the government first announced the project. Five previous attempts to find a contractor has failed due to opposition from some groups of citizens and Orthodox Christians, reports the AP.

Meanwhile, the Muslim believers in Athens have rented apartments that come to pray. Under the plan, the mosque will have a minaret, to somewhat appease predominantly Christian Greek population.

Supporters of the Golden Dawn were at the protest chanted slogans against Kemal Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey, and famous secularists. During the protest, an official visit to Athens was the head of the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.


terhanTehran says it has captured a British spy

President Kermanskog revolutionary court said the alleged spy admitted that he was 11 times in contact with the four British intelligence officers in Iran and abroad. According to him, the defendant admitted the allegations and the trial was in progress.

The British Foreign Office said it does not comment on matters related to intelligence activities, according to the BBC. British Broadcasting Network reminds us that Iran regularly makes statements on captured spies working for foreign powers, but in most cases, the accused are released a few months later without charge.

BBC also notes that this news comes at a time where Tehran and London have taken steps to restore diplomatic relations. Great Britain closed its embassy in Tehran 2011th , after the protesters stormed into her protest against British sanctions. The head of the British Foreign Minister William Hague said relations between the two countries improve “on the basis of reciprocity.”

Ukrainian protesters smashed the statue of Lenin with hammers

kiev-leninProtesters smashed the statue of Lenin with hammers, as they knocked off the stand, with metal rods and cables * The protest in Kiev hundreds of thousands of people, supporters of the Government held a separate set of.

KIEV – Ukrainian protesters today, during a protest in Kiev, destroyed a statue of Vladimir Lenin in the center of town. Protesters smashed the statue with hammers, as they knocked off the stand, with metal rods and cables.

The Ukrainian Security Service announced today that it initiated an investigation against several opposition leaders suspected of attempted takeovers during the mass anti-government protests in the country. The security services came hours after hundreds of thousands of people occupied the central square in Kiev and blocked access to the main government buildings. The opposition sent a message to the government that any possible attempt to introduce a state of emergency, only lead to more protests, reports the AP.

According to estimates, today’s protest rally in Kiev was the largest of the Ukrainian Orange Revolution since 2004. The Ukraine protestors now have nearly three weeks on the streets of Kiev and th e main reason of their protest is because of the decision of President Viktor Yanukovich not to sign an association agreement with the European Union and turned to boost ties with Russia. While one of Ukraine’s opposition leader, Alexander Turčinov argues that today in the center of Kiev came a million people, the U.S. agency estimates that the protesters were about 500,000. Read the rest of this entry »

The opinions of citizens

opinionAs an simple citizen from Kosovo i want to share a little story of my opinion lately of my state. As everyone knows Kosovo is only a 6 years old country that won its autonomy from the Republic of Serbia. Anyway now we are free and with our Albanian leaders controlling us and our beautiful country that for hundreds of years was occupied and we couldn’t even breath properly during those times it felt like something wasn’t right even that for us everything was ok but controlled by inferiors in our own house but anyway this is not my point of view what i want to discuss.

So in the comment section below i want everyone who ever will read this post so if you take your time i need a little about what you think and what am going to ask here freely everyone. My first question to every Albanian from Kosovo is.

How are you feeling with our Albanian leaders lately are you all happy with them are they keeping their election promises to everyone? Is everyone of you having a job feeding their families with a normal income and have no thinking at all of emigrating in western Europe but want to stay in here because our beautiful state now is free and such a small territory we are so rich and everyone own a job and is feeling something similar lie Luxembourg?

Well here is my answer am sick of this political leaders and all their copying style of the Albanian corrupted political parties. Why do we have to have such a similar idea with each other? Why aren’t we making for our self something better and voting the right ones but we always like to vote the one that owns a big name but we all know that he is so corrupted and does nothing much for the citizens of their nation?

At list the Republic of Albania after this many years made a change and voted for Edi Rama a new Prime minister that can be seen that is the future of the country and it can be seen in his eyes that he is using all the power has for the good of the Albanians. He said to the chemical weapons of Syria no, for the first time said the the United States no. He shown to the world that Albania is not a puppet country but a country that has its own power and isn’t a garbage of other powers that want to use it for their own profit.

We Albanians in Kosovo have to do t he same thing, we have to choose our destiny we have to choose the right one. We have ti stop supporting such nations that have done bad to us or have their own profit. Let me give you an example Turkey has done so much bad to the Albanians that even the Serbs have not committed such badness. For 500 years we were a occupied nation, the ottomans forced us to change our religion, forced us to not speak Albanian, forced u to pay taxes, forced us to deny our origin. So my people think properly of your leaders think for the future of your children think for our motherland and stop being brainwashed by the corrupted system.

Nelson Mandela Passed away this Thursday

nelson-mandelaThe ex President of South Africa Nelson Mandela died at his home this Thursday at 95 years old. It was the first black President of South Africa and the anti-apartheid icon which spent 27 years of his life behind bars and after that was going to led his country to democracy. Jacob Zuma the present South African President said today that, Nelson Mandela now finally is resting in Peace. Our great nation today just lost her greatest son and the South African people just lost their father. Zuma continued that soon they will held an state funeral and he has called the mourners to conduct themselves with the dignity and respect.

Nothing matters if we are in a country or anywhere in the world, we will reaffirm the vision of the  society, in which none is exploited, oppresses or dispossessed by another.  This are the exact words of his which has tribute to began pouring in form across the world.

Even that Nelson Mandela was only for five years in power, we have to remember Nelson Mandela as a figure of enormous and his moral influence over t he world and also as the symbol of the South African revolution of the resistance to the triumph over the racial segregation. All the generation was going to be inspired by Nelson Mandela and all the activists left celebrities not to mention world leaders also and star-struck which have won the Nobel Peace Prize and have raised the millions of humanitarian causes.

He will me remembered as a figure to the world that everyone will take his life as a lesson of what he has done and pass throw during his life time and even with so much difficulties je managed to reached all the points that wanted so badly. The nation of South Africa this Thursday just lost her son and the South African people lost their Father, declared the President of South Africa Jacob Zuma.

Paul Walker the Fast and Furious star actor has died in a car wreck.

paul-walkerActor Paul Walker, best known for his role in the Fast and the Furious movie franchise, has died. He was 40 years old.

The actor was killed after a proche GT driven by his friend crazhed into a pole. This afternoon, the Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker lost his live after a car crash. One of his friend was driving a Porsche GT and lost its control which it seems to collided with the telegraph pole.

The actor star known for his role in Fast and Furious roles, the representatives such as the Facebook page have declared and confirmed his death during this evening. Paul Walker, at the age of 40, was in the passenger seat in the high-powered super-Porsche car when it spun complitcly out of control in Santa Clarita at the time 3:30pm during the day.

The Los Angles Sheriff’s department confirmed that 2 people lost their lives at the collision at 3″30pm today, but during his declaration no names or further information was given. It was the representatives of the actor which confirmed that the Paul Walker was one of the 2 people that died this afternoon in the car crash.

Stresi the rap singer from Albania

stresiArkimend Lushaj known as Stresi was born on 15/06/1986/in Tropoja Albania. He moved to Tirana only when he was a child. Stresi is a rap singer and it is also known for his problems with the law. He started his career on rap music a couple of years ago. His number one enemy is (Noizy) and the o. t. r crew.

Stresi is very famous in rap and has a big number of fans all over Albania and hi is supportive of (Tba “a large number of rap singers”), and in this summer he is making two new video clips with some singers of the (Tba). In an early interview at Arjan cani show (zone e lire) he said that his only problem that I has in life is (Noizy) as soon as he died I don’t think that the other problems are this stressful. In 2010 at the Top fest festival Stresi shoot Noizy but fortunately he didn’t shoot in target. After this the media named Stresi and (Noizy) (2-PAC and B. I. G.Y).

They started making song of swearing at each other witch it looks like it will never going to end. But after a couple of months Stresi was repented for what he did at the Top fest festival and he agreed with Noizy at the TV show on (Vizion plus Mos u nxeh). Steresi has succeeded with his songs especially with (Bonjour Madam) dedicated against Noizy. The song was made before they agreed with each other.

Stresi also has made a new song called (Cover boy) which it haven’t been lunched yet. They are words that he has collaborated with some foreign rapper also Stresi is working out for a new video clip and his second album. Stresi is in a relationship with Enxhi of (Big Brother Albania) wich she asked him at face book for marriage. But in an early interview Stresi said that he broke up with her. Some of his fans said in different interviews that, as much as he makes good music he is the best rapper for them and they are going to support him till the end.

Sokol Olldashi – the Democratic Party MP dies in a car accident

sokol_olldashiThe Democratic Party MP, Olldashi during Wednesday evening, lost his life in a car accident. On the axis road Tirane – Elbasan the MP, democrat Sokol Olldashi had a car accident, near the Krraba Monument.

The tragic vehcile accident  were the democratic MP, Sokol Olldashi lost his life is suspected to have come because of the moisture in the street. Meanwhile along with the Democratic Party MP deputy was another person traveling with him.

As soon as the news was heard immediately in the accident scene the Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri and other members of both political parties, SP and DP arrived in the tragic accident scene. Meanwhile the capital police officers have blocked the road in both sides. In the last few months car accidents have increased a lot according from the passed years.


The NRG Band biography

nrg-bandNRG Band was founded in year 2000 by three brothers- Besniku the attachment of the Faithful (vocal and tupana) two of his brothers, Arben (guitar) and Metin (Bass) both by then the former group members Dora D “Istria. Arben and Metin as Dora D”Istria band in 1992-1993 presented with some musicians friends in several rock festivals such as (Boom Festival in Mitrovica, and at the rock Festival in Peja.

In couple of year’s time they have collaborated with many other bands. In the new formation NRG BAND, since 2000 except that they have performed in many clubs throughout Kosovo and other Albanian territories, appeared in several festivals such as BBC, (Ritem e pop) in Tirana 2002 and then at Pristine at the same festival organized in the Balkans Capitals. In 2003 they participated in the (Fest Show) in which they were presented excellent. In the meantime the group vocalist Besnik appeared as a guest on several songs in the last two albums of (Ritmi I RRuges).In the end of 2004 they realized they first album (AMA) with 12 songs on it.

At the same year after they completed they album in the group comes the fourth member (Vedat Maxhuni) and the group started they appearance on the scene of clubs and in several humanitarian concerts throughout Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania and the Diaspora. In the meantime, in 2005 NRG BAND prepared they second album which they had a technical problem and then the album was launched on April, 2006.

Also in 2006 they participated at the (Kenga Magjike Festival) in Albania being presented with the song (Luja Bab Luja) and (Hajde me mua nje Nate) in which they were awarded. NRG BAND in 2008 they won (best group) in the Albanian territories and then they become the successful band of the year. In meantime they presented a new song (Nina) which they had the biggest success ever, over Albania and Kosovo.

The summer of 2010 was even a bigger success for the NRG BAND they composed the song (Duame) and they went to finals in (Top-fest) and they won the (Internet) prize. In 2011 NRG band participated at the (TOP-FEST) Festival presenting the new hit song (Rina-Rina). They last cooperation was in (June)2011 with the famous rap singer (Capital T)launching the song titled(Veq Asaj).The NRG BAND has made the fourth album which it is coming out in a month time.

Zajmina Vasjari biography

zajmina 1Zajmina Vasjari was born in Fier on 17/06/1987/ Albania. At 16 years old she participated at the beauty pageant in Apollonia and was declared (Miss Albania 2002). Since then her life changed (100%) passing from a simple girl in a beauty icon. At the present days we see Zajmina as a model but also as a singer. She has made a couple of songs also some of them hits witch in this case she is famous in Albania and Kosovo.

First songs that she has published were (Ku je, Pa ty, Kthehu).In the meantime she also worked for advertising and she was the image of (olim). In 2005 Zajmina made her first video clip representing the song (Ste Dua) than she competes at the festival (mikrofoni I Arte) with the song (Sonte me prit). A year later she published a new video clip titled (Bonito) in collaboration with Kastro Ziso.

In 2006 Zajmina participated at the (Topfest 3Festival) representing the song (Mos thuaj Jo). Then she started a tour around Europe for the Albanian community. And then she came again with Kastro Ziso representing the song (chupa chupa) and at the same month she participated at a concert in the square of Tirana along with other singers from Albania and Kosovo. In summer of 2008 Zajmina comes with a duet with Rati representing the song (Zarfe Trendafilash), then she was invited at the (Arjan Cani) show (Zone e Lire) she sing the song (Zemren e parkove Keq).

zajmina 3The year after that she released two new video clips titled (Nje me pak e nje me Shume and then Facebook). The biggest success she made it with collaboration with Blero representing the song (Vec Ti) along with a video clip from (Max Production), and then she competed at the (Celsi muzikor) show with the song (Me sy te penduar) which she was placed second. Zajmina for the first time competed at the (Kenga magjike Festival) in 2010 representing the song (Nje me gjashte). In 2011 New Year’s Eve Zajmina was invited in Kosovo at the (Op Labi ParTy 3) which she represented her new song titled (Te ndiej). At the present year Zajmina Vasjari has made a pause from making songs but she is still active in the VIP Albanian magazines.

Inva Mula the Albanian soprano

Inva_Mula-1Inva Mula comes from an Albanian artistic family and is very famous in all over the world with her excellent performances that she has given in different countries operas. Her father Avni Mula is one of the well known composers in Albania. Inva mula was born in Tirana and that’s where she has started her career as a soprano singer. In 1987 she was awarded at the show (Kengetarja Shqiptare) then a year later she participated at the Festival (George Enescu) in Bucharest, Romania and also in there she was classified first. Inva is very talented in her performances and has a very powerful voice in the scene. Then in 1992 she participated at the (Butterfly) concurs organized in Barcelona and won again the first prize.

In 1993 she won another prize but this time in (Placid Domingo’s) in Paris and after this she became one of the best soprano singers in the world. She has collaborated with very famous tenors at the Bastilles Opera in Paris but also in Brussels, Munich, Oslo etc. Then in 1996 Inva took part at the Luigi Cherubini’s opera Alas-t in France. Inva Mula in the movie titled (Fifth Element) in 1997 gave her the role of the singer voice (Lucia Di Lammermoor) at the scene (The Diva Dance).

Then later on she starred in (Ivan IV) the awls in Paris. In 2001 she played the part of (Verdit Falstaff) at the theater (La Scala) in Italy and the (Riggoleto-n) at the arena of Verona. During the years she has regualry participated in (La Scart Di Lammermoor) Costarring, LA Boheme, Manon in 2006. Also she has played a few times (La Traviata-n in important cities like Tokio, Bilbao, Trieste and Toronto. In 2007 she played for the first time the (Norine in L’elisir D’amore) at Toulouse, France.