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Supporters of the Golden Dawn protested against the construction of a mosque in Athens

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The contractor on the construction of a mosque in the Greek capital was elected last month, 13 years after the government first announced the project. Five previous attempts to find a contractor has failed due to opposition from some groups of citizens and Orthodox Christians, reports the AP. Meanwhile, the

Nelson Mandela Passed away this Thursday

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The ex President of South Africa Nelson Mandela died at his home this Thursday at 95 years old. It was the first black President of South Africa and the anti-apartheid icon which spent 27 years of his life behind bars and after that was going to led his country

Stresi the rap singer from Albania

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Arkimend Lushaj known as Stresi was born on 15/06/1986/in Tropoja Albania. He moved to Tirana only when he was a child. Stresi is a rap singer and it is also known for his problems with the law. He started his career on rap music a couple of years ago.

Sokol Olldashi – the Democratic Party MP dies in a car accident

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The Democratic Party MP, Olldashi during Wednesday evening, lost his life in a car accident. On the axis road Tirane – Elbasan the MP, democrat Sokol Olldashi had a car accident, near the Krraba Monument. The tragic vehcile accident  were the democratic MP, Sokol Olldashi lost his life is suspected

Zajmina Vasjari biography

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Zajmina Vasjari was born in Fier on 17/06/1987/ Albania. At 16 years old she participated at the beauty pageant in Apollonia and was declared (Miss Albania 2002). Since then her life changed (100%) passing from a simple girl in a beauty icon. At the present days we see Zajmina

Inva Mula the Albanian soprano

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Inva Mula comes from an Albanian artistic family and is very famous in all over the world with her excellent performances that she has given in different countries operas. Her father Avni Mula is one of the well known composers in Albania. Inva mula was born in Tirana and

A short biography for the most loved female singers in the 80s, in Albania

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Parashevi Simaku was born on 01/09/1966 Kavaje, Albania. During the time she moved in city of Durres along with her family. She has started singing since very young and has collaborated with very famous composers during her career. Parashqevi Simaku has participated almost at the all spring concerts and

Santana risks his life. The famous musician fall at sleep while driving.

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One week ago, one of the most well-known guitarists and singers in the whole world, Carlos Santana, risked his life in a road accident in which he was involved a week ago. The thing that impressed us was the fact that most of the whole world media in their

Accidents, two victims in the last hours

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A 32 year old man has lost his life as a result of an accident that has happened in Korca city. The tragic event has happened in the coil of the city where the motorcycle of the victim is crashed with a car, Fiat type, with plates ‘AA 223

Rama: We enter in the history, or we go after four years.

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The mandate that all the Albanian people have believed to the elections of 23 June to the governor of Socialist Party, Edi Rama has asked the members of the National Assembly to read it carefully with accountability. As he made appeal to the private subjects, also he made appeal