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The first steps of the Albanian media have started on April 29/ 1960 a year which was inaugurated by the Albanian leader of that time King Ahmet Zog. The first Albanian Tv program was “It speaks Tirana”, and the very first Radio Program was Radio Tirane. The development of the Albanian media came on 29 April 1960 and under the communist regime at that time it was created one of the biggest Tv’s, which was named the Albanian Television and Radio Tirane, and together they formed the Albanian Radio Television, recognized in other words till these days RTSH! The change was going to come after the fall of the communist regime in 1992 and the new private Television were created. In Kosovo the media tool its development in year 1999 after the war and the development was so fast and the very first public Televisions was Rtk Live that was created and which had a greater independence from politics. Rtk Live is also known as the brother of the Albanian Radio Television RTSH. While for the Albanians in Macedonia the media down there has a very poor development. IN their counting lists in Macedonia are only counted a few Radios and the TV shows that transom in Albanian language are only done in limited times.

IN our Website visitors have the opportunity to get informed with the lasted News throw the country and world wide. We have created Bota Sot as a new window to inform the public with the news that isn’t transformed in the public TV’s or in other Websites that have their political sides support. Bota Sot is created by an simple individual citizen that sees the everyday life and things that happens in reality and is transformed by these big TV companies in their own words but of course not the truth. So simple at the very first i had this idea to open up a website and say the reality of those kind of news that every single day we are informing our self with not the truth. By time other citizens like me contacted me and in a very short time we are know a group of young students that have formed our small journalism online and now our visitors have increased a lot which is a good thing for us and we all have t he feeling that our goal is so close. In this section we have written down this to make you understand that our News are created by us and the information on it is the truth and not a lie like other sided websites or Televisions! So thank you for choosing us and enjoy our website.

By Bota Sot team!