Logo_RTKLIVE-01Rtk Live is the first Radio Television of Republic of Kosovo.  This unique online  page was build for the first time on 26 December 2006. As for the Television broadcast first it has started on 29 June 2002. In the same time during that time different other pages have existed which were informed by the RTK staff minute after minute with the lasted news from in and out the country. Two of this pages online that have existed before the Radio Television of Kosovo were Radio Blue Skye and the Radio of Republic of Kosovo.

Now both of these pages are at the same online page as RTK LIVE. At first the RTK online webpage had the kind of information that wasn’t that powerful as today but only informed the citizens or online visitors with the lasted news and only the important ones. Now the webpage is one of the powerful and is visited daily by thousands of visitors from all over the world were Albanians live.

The webpage also time after time had to stop its broadcast for technical reasons and the Radios such as Blue Skye or the Radio of Kosovo had to replace its place and forecast the news by voice. Rtk Live is an internet Web Page and one of the biggest TV stations of Kosovo that broadcast News and different Tv programs in other languages such as, Albanian, Serbian, Bosnian and Rome or other word the Gypsy language.

The time when Rtk forecast these different languages are in different times of the day with each other and this is because in Kosovo is a large Serbian community such as Bosnian and Gypsy. Rtk live stills informs all citizens with her products daily and it still remains as one of the biggest stations online or in digital platform for the citizens that have to do or want to inform themselves with the lasted goings in the Republic of Kosovo.

Lately some new updated have been done in the online page and in the list of the broadcasting a few new programs have been forecasting lately and one of them is the education f the ethnic Bulgarians to see online the forecast of the different shows and news in their language. Also on the webpage now you can watch the news in the video platform done daily.