Sali Berisha: the salaries and the pensions will be increased.

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The prime Sali Berisha responded the voices for cancellation of increasing the salaries and pensions. Berisha has emphasized that they are going to be increased in a post in his FB account, and this is going to be verified because he is going to keep his promises.

In a notification of Financial Ministry is confirmed that the raise of the salaries will be as it is provided in budget and will enter in law in July 15. The experts have created a draft that absolutely prohibits new public procurement, to invest and to raise the costs for diets and trips of administration. The aggravated crisis of public finances has obligated the minister to seriously prepare this decision to deter the spending of the budget.

One day ago, Top Channel has published the news to limit the spending in the middle of the budgetary year, which is turned into a habit for public finances after the year 2009, but this time this situation is more aggravated. It I necessary that the order to limit the spending to pass into the government to get the legal form, because every day that pass the finances get worst until the inability to settle obligations- declare the Financial sources of Top Channel.

This government, the first 5 months of 2013 has spent about 80% of all the annual limit of domestic borrowing. Is thought that in June the figures have continued to raise more and more. The treasure is not settling the bills after alignment of this situation and now they are not officially accepted. The financial sources declare that in the two last months are collected 2 milliards cash obligations that will be settle to the businesses and have done public work last months. In state treasury this bills are officially known and accepted despite of the big debt that continues to be backward.

During the last years is collected an amount that contains around Euro 200 millions. Now the financial situation of the government continues to be unmanageable. The dropped government after loosing the elections doesn’t possess the mandate to enter in the budget any more. In October is expected the new government to revise the budget. The biggest danger until in the creation of the new government is not only the debt. The declining incomes and the legal debt are failed 100%. It’s a risk for the new government to pay the administrations salaries and pensions in a certain period of time.

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