Sokol Olldashi – the Democratic Party MP dies in a car accident

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sokol_olldashiThe Democratic Party MP, Olldashi during Wednesday evening, lost his life in a car accident. On the axis road Tirane – Elbasan the MP, democrat Sokol Olldashi had a car accident, near the Krraba Monument.

The tragic vehcile accident  were the democratic MP, Sokol Olldashi lost his life is suspected to have come because of the moisture in the street. Meanwhile along with the Democratic Party MP deputy was another person traveling with him.

As soon as the news was heard immediately in the accident scene the Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri and other members of both political parties, SP and DP arrived in the tragic accident scene. Meanwhile the capital police officers have blocked the road in both sides. In the last few months car accidents have increased a lot according from the passed years.


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