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we have created this page to give all the visitors the opportunity to get informed for the Albanian Showbiz and the worldwide one. All the posts that are published in our page are taken from our team of journalists that have close connections with the VIP themselves. Also a similar page its on the ride side bar that is connected to the Albanian Showbiz and and of course is the other side of the celebrities that is much of a liked by everyone the gossip words that travel throw the pink media for the important people.

Now lets talk a little about the VIP, yes we have to admit that the VIP play a role in our everyday life. Everyone of us has its own famous character that loves and follow its or hers lifestyle in a way or another. So enjoy our gossip and Showbiz section follow your famous VIP here and get informed with the everyday posts we publish about them. Every single thing that happens to a VIP world wide in a recorded time its published here by our VIP admin and all our information is taken by our people that have their connection to the closest friend to the celebrity.

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